Roarke is a large, sleek panther.  He is solid black and does not shy away from any opportunity to eat.   He is very affectionate and insists on being on the bed every night to sleep as close to me as possible.   He and his siblings were given to me in the fall of 2010 in the hopes they might find homes.   He has a very comfortable attitude towards other cats and is not aggressive.   He is a complete extrovert and loves to play chase and roll on the ground.

His response to new kittens added into the mix, is to give them occasional head taps when they need a bit more discipline.  He does this with a velveted paw and he follows it up by serious kitten grooming.

Roarke would make a delightful companion for someone with other cats or on his own.

  • 2 year old neutered domestic short haired male
  • sleek black fur
  • FIV and FELEUK negative
  • vaccinated
  • frisky and extroverted
  • great with other cats, untested with kids or dogs
  • behavioral or medical concerns –none


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