Casey is a short haired solid black girl with a very small bit of white hairs on her chest.  She was born sometime in May 2008.  She was abandoned right in front of me on June 17, 2008 at the Fort Bend County parking lot, as I pulled back into my office driveway from a trip to the vet. 

Casey is an extremely affectionate lap girl.  She gladly follows me around while I perform daily tasks.  She is particularly happy to seek out a second helping of wet food whenever she sneaks into the kitchen.  She is also an expert at clinging to the kitchen shelf as I try to escort her from the kitchen.  She is very affectionate with other cats. 

  • 3 year old spayed domestic short haired female
  • Sleek black fur with a small patch of white hairs on her chest
  • FIV and FELEUK negative
  • vaccinated
  • very affectionate; extrovert
  • great with other cats, untested with kids or dogs
  • no behavioral or medical concerns


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