Crookshank is a spunky little black and white boy.  He was born in May 2011 along with his two sisters, Eliza and Sophie.  Crookshank  enjoyed the attentions of his surrogate semi-feral mama, but he was not ready to give up his comforting moments napping at the milk bar.  When the kittens were moved to the sanctuary, he found a new milk bar provider in Beckett.  Although there was no milk to be obtained there, he was happily connected  to Beckett each night and submitted gladly to the baths that were a part of the ritual.

Somewhere along the way from being abandoned by his mother, and being delivered to me to raise, his tail was crimped into almost a right angle.   This slight imperfection is the obvious inspiration of his name.   He loves to play with his bigger kitty companions and spends most of his time in the outside pens. 

  • 3 month old neutered domestic short haired male
  • calico
  • FIV and FELEUK negative
  • vaccinated
  • affectionate; extrovert
  • great with other cats, untested with kids or dogs
  • no behavioral or medical concerns
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