Connor and Captain Jack

Connor is a short haired orange tabby.  He was one of the many kittens born in April 2010 to the four feral mamas.  Although I spent many weeks nursing him with KDR to supplement the mamas’ milk for so many, he forgot all the cuddling time.   He is very affectionate with other cats; however, he runs whenever I approach.  He delights in waiting for me to bring him a token taste of wet food, which he eats in the small mini-house which serves as the cat yard tunnel from the house.   It is my hope that one day he might remember all the care and affection I have given him and stop looking at me like I am an ogre!

 I have no doubt that Connor would be a great companion if he were in a smaller population of cats.  I have a particular fondness for orange tabby boys and I hope that someone will welcome him into their home and their hearts.


  • 1.5 year old neutered domestic short haired male
  • orange tabby
  • FIV and FELEUK negative
  • vaccinated
  • timid
  • great with other cats, untested with kids or dogs
  • no behavioral or medical concerns



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