Reese was born April 10, 2004 to one of two feral pregnant mamas I took in to help find homes for the kittens.    She was the runt of the litter.  She and her siblings shuttled back and forth between the two mama cats, and nursed whichever one had milk to offer.
  • 7 year old neutered domestic short haired female
  • black and white
  • FIV and FELEUK negative
  • vaccinated
  • shy but can be very affectionate
  • great with other cats, untested with kids or dogs
  • no behavioral or medical concerns

As a baby, I recorded two Reese escapades:

Reese, the Water Girl  —   January 15, 2005

… This a.m., I was madly searching for something, and I looked down to find the warm water I had installed for the day, was filled with little Miss Reese.   Not just her front paws, but her whole body was in the little box.   And she was madly diving her paws in for the corners, and playing happily in the water.

It isn’t too terribly cold here, compared to the rest of the country, but wet is wet, and she has a tendency to catch cold, so I scooped her out and dried her off and left her to sit in front of the heater vent.

I went back to search and a few minutes later, realized, she was back.   Yes, in the water.   Completely soaked.   And very happy.

She is a very tiny, petite black and white kitty.  Doesn’t look like a real tiger at all.


Reese, the Second Act – January 16, 2005

…Little Reese was dry and happy and just needing some of her mama’s attention.

…She begs to go in to the kitchen, where kitties are not generally permitted. Then she screams for me to come and spend time with her.  When I arrive, she dashes and darts under the buffet; the stove, the table etc.   Cat and mouse
a la Reese.

Last night, I realized she had finally stopped yelling …I then noticed every kitty lined up looking through the door into the kitchen.  Still no hint of what I would find.

Finally, I went into the kitchen.  There I found a kitchen floor lined with cat litter, everywhere.  We had cat litter on the floor between the table and the stove.  Cat litter spread all over the tiles.  Cat litter and a darting little mouse of a Reese cat, showing me her handiwork.

I yelled “Bad girl.  Bad Reese.”  This was quite effective and just made her dart in and out of the litter more vehemently.  She would play, then dart under the furniture as another “bad” left my mouth.

You see, my little Reese has great taste.  The litter she spread around, and thankfully did not use, is the very expensive stuff to get cats that are going outside the box, to use the box.  So it is laced with something like
if not in actuality catnip.

I cleaned up.  I bundled her off to the other room as soon as she darted in
the right place for me to nab her.  Thankfully, she had hours to dry between her swims and the litter.  Can you imagine the paste I would still be cleaning up after?

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