About Us

The Cats’ Nest, Inc. is a sanctuary for cats.  The sanctuary has been evolving since 1998 as cats have managed to find their way to my hands.  I never intended to spend my life running a sanctuary, but I have been a cat lover since I was able to walk.  We only had one cat at a time growing up, but there are many fond memories of the ones that crossed my path.  My mother nicknamed me Corinnacat, although I have no idea if it had anything to do with my love of them.   It interests me that it turned out to be somewhat prophetic.   Almost the very last words my mother said to me, long before my small household turned into a much larger one, was “You cannot save them all.”   And really, I had no such intention.

It is amazing that cats seem to find me:  they wander up; strangers turn them over to me (thankfully not always merely dumping them); I come across them in the strangest places; and even vet clinics have called and asked me to take them.   Many times, I am minding my own business when they suddenly appear in my path.   Often I have to remind myself and God, that I am not the only person caring for the lost and homeless and to ask that maybe a few would find themselves another place.

My goal is to find the cats homes where they can be more than just one of many.  Absent that, I provide them with a safe place to live, vetting, food and water, and as much love as they permit me to share. Sometimes cats in such a large grouping will develop feral or semi-feral ways.   Although I provide for their every need, even cats I have raised from kittenhood will sometimes disconnect from me and their affection is shared with the other cats.   I have no reason to believe they will not bond with someone else, but as a result of the many, they are not bonded to me.   These cats and some with special needs, require homes that are outside of the ordinary; filled with patience and a long term pay off.

I also take in cats that test positive for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus.  They live in a separate area to protect them from exposure to illness and to protect negative cats from exposure to their virus issues.  Although they are sometimes not likely to live as long as negative cats, they do enjoy as much quality of life as I can provide.   I took in one FIV positive cat from a vet clinic referral.  Although he was only with me for fourteen months, I was his ultimate slave with him claiming my lap every time I sat down.  He died at 21 years from renal failure.   Another Feleuk positive boy lived with me for eight years and he was ten years old when he died.   I want everyone to understand that these cats, with little or no immune systems can enjoy life and with care can even live a pretty good one.   More than one has stolen my heart along the way.

This website is intended to create more exposure and contacts for possible adoptions.   It is my hope that people will open their hearts and homes, or at the very least tell others of the wonderful cats looking for homes.   Absent that, there are other ways to help through food or litter donations; gift purchases or financial donations.   Above all, it is important to spay and neuter to eliminate the unwanted pet population.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was no need for pounds, shelters, and sanctuaries?

Corinna Steele, August 2011