Donation Opportunities

Donations are the life blood of any sanctuary or rescue program.   To date, I have not sought any donations, but I have supported the cats from my own resources.  Occasionally, people who have relinquished animals to my care have contributed food and expense money to cover spay, neuters or other medical needs.   I am currently applying for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. 

Meanwhile, cats need food, flea treatment, worming, yearly vaccines, veterinary appointments, and yes, cat litter (if only they knew they could use the ground outside!)    With the current drought status in Texas, I am now facing the terrible realization that I do not currently have enough carriers to accomodate the cats if there was a forced evacuation due to wildfires.

The website is still under construction, and I expect further developments in the future regarding donations; however, I did want to let readers know that there are many ways to help.  Adoptive homes are only one way to help; monetary help is another.  Assistance could also come in the form of  practical items such as bedding, feeding and watering containers, food and litter.   If you would like to contribute in any way, please use the contact page.