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With the terrible months of drought in Texas, we have been seeing wildfires break out and people and animals losing their homes and worse, their lives.   As a result, I have become convinced that having a plan, and more, having provisions set aside, as well as carriers for everyone is very important.  

So with the assistance of my young helper, Nick, I have been acquiring supplies and with a master plan, that has evolved with each day, we have been making carriers.   The construction is very easy and others might enjoy making a few in their leisure time!


  • 1/4″ plywood 24″ X 15″
  • prefab closet shelving — 12″ wide and 15″ wide; side pieces are 24″ long and end pieces are 15″ long; the roof is from the 15″ wide and they are 24″ long
  • zip ties
  • 1/4″ X 1.25″ bolts & nuts
  • 5/16″ flat metal washers

The plywood fits neatly on the lip of the shelf front.  Holes are drilled 3 to a side and one on the back edge.  Surround the plywood with the two end pieces and one end piece with the lip under the plywood.   Snub the plywood to the end piece. 

To stabilize the carrier so you can use the zip ties at the top and bottom of each side.  Insert each bolt threaded with a washer through the bottom of the plywood into the carrier; add the nut to each bolt inside each carrier.   

After all bolts are secured, place the roof piece across the top edges with the lip of the shelf on one edge.  Secure the three edges with zip ties.  Place the other end piece in position with the lip portion over the top of the carrier.  Secure on one side with zip ties.  This will permit the door to open for the cats.  Use small bungees to secure and close the door.

I have cat tested them.  So far no escapes.  They are large enough to accomodate at least 2 cats.